HCV Support proudly celebrates 10 years of providing knowledge, support, and encouragement to those affected by hepatitis C.

Since 2005 HCV Support and it's dedicated and caring online support members have been providing anonymous online peer support to hepatitis C patients from all around the globe.

If you've been diagnosed with hepatitis C, or have a family member or loved one affected by hepatitis C, then HCV Support is here to help.

Join our online support community today and receive the knowledge, support and encouragement you need to combat you're HCV.

Just a few of the thousands of dedicated HCV Support members from around the globe over the last 10 years, all waiting to help you in dealing with and treating your Hepatitis C. Become an HCV Support member TODAY, and receive the knowledge, support and encouragement you need from fellow peers who truly understand and care.
Our Mission

HCV Support's mission has remained consistently the same, and that is the provision of anonymous online peer support and encouragement to those affected by Hepatitis C, and in providing the best educational resources available on Hepatitis C in order to allow it's members to make the best educated decisions regarding their HCV management and/or treatment.

Through anonymous online peer to peer support, members are able to avoid the many stigmatic barriers and fears so often associated with Hepatitis C when they seek support locally. Most importantly they are able to better connect and share openly with fellow peers without reservation or fear, ultimately receiving the best quality support, and encouragement they need and require. Members will learn to become better self-advocates regarding their HCV management and treatment, and thus become more confident in their ability to overcome and hopefully defeat their disease.

As an added bonus, members are sure to make friendships that will last a lifetime.

Who Are We?

HCV Support is an anonymous online Hepatitis C support forum founded, authored, and administrated by HCV advocate & patient Wayne A. Morea (AKA "Viper" within the forum). The Forum is a strictly moderated (READ the RULES) member based forum. All of our forum administrators, staff members, and moderators are dedicated (non-medical professional) volunteers with a desire to serve and advocate for those affected by Hepatitis C, as well as being fellow members, and HCV patients themselves.

Though our site and it's servers may be based in the United States, we provide international support to those affected by Hepatitis C throughout the English speaking world such as Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. Our site's administrators, staff members, and moderators are made up of administratively elected members from many differing countries. Though Hepatitis C may be impartial in who it affects, the level and standard of medical care in managing/treating it can differ greatly from country to country. In order to help maintain diversity in our site's level of knowledge, support, and encouragement we provide, we always try to maintain diversity among those who serve as administrators, moderators and staff members for our online support community.

Our Purpose

To promote social unity and advocacy and provide a safe, friendly, and caring online environment where those affected by Hepatitis C can receive the knowledge, support and encouragement they need from fellow peers and advocates in dealing with their HCV.

Hepatitis C Resources

The following is a list of Hepatitis C resources across the web. Mayo Clinic - Patient Care & Health Information. American Liver Foundation - Diagnosis, Treatment & Support. GOLPNOnline - Nurse advocates supporting those with hepatitis C. Hepatitis Association - Educating the public about the hepatitis C virus.

 HCV ADVOCATE - Hepatitis C Support Project


LPN Programs

 GO LPN Online - LPN nurses supporting and caring for those affected by Hepatitis C

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